50K USA Views

30% Off (was $520)
  • Google Ads Views
  • Ads Video Proof on Request
  • 50K Youtube USA Ads Views

100K USA Views

30% Off (was $1000)
  • Google Ads Views
  • Ads Video Proof on Request
  • 100K Youtube USA Ads Views

500K USA Views

30% Off (was $4500)
  • Google Ads Views
  • Ads Video Proof on Request
  • 500K Youtube USA Ads Views

1 Million USA Views

30% Off (was $8000)
  • Google Ads Views
  • Ads Video Proof on Request
  • 1 Million Youtube USA Ads Views


Q: What if video not approved on google ads?
Ans: if any reason you video not approved on google ads, then we try the alternate method for approval if still that is not approved then we will provide you a full refund.

Q: Can you make video approval for Punjabi and other languages which is officially not supported on google ads?
Ans: Yes, why not. Contact us for more details.

Q: How many views you can provide maximum?
Ans: We can provide 1B+ views worldwide.

Q: Are these real views or bot views?
Ans: We are providing real views direct from google ads. We will send you a screenshot and video proof (on request) to ensure we provide real ads views.

Q: On youtube video analytics, there is an option to check the source of views. Don’t that sufficient for proof?
Ans: Trust me, that is not sufficient. That can be manipulated easily with software. That’s why to build trust, we providing a video proof.

Q: I saw people selling AdWord views very cheap?
Ans: Bot views and real views have lots of differences. Google Ads view cost money, and that works with CPV bidding. We are selling ads view with video proof. So next time, if you will buy a cheap ads view, then don’t forget to ask for video proof.

Q: Is this high retention views?
Ans: Google ads have no option for high retention. On real views, we can’t control user behavior. If the content is good, then people watch the complete video. So if someone providing you, high retention google ads view, then that is not real.

Q: Do we receive like and comment on a video?
Ans: Again answer is the same; we can’t control user behavior on ads views. They can like your video, dislike your video, and possible they will post comments, but we can’t give a guarantee for that.

Q: What is the time frame of delivery?
Ans: Google ads manually review each video before running for advertisements on their platform. Usually, that takes 24 to 48 hours for video approval. So we need 24 to 48 hours for video approval and 1-7 days maximum for view delivery.

Q: What is the benefit of google ads views?
Ans: These views come directly from google ads platform, then these views will stick for the lifetime. Also, Google knows these views come from ads, so no chance for video ghosted, shadowban, or demonetization.

Note : Video above 5 Min charges is extra.

Contact us for pricing or any other query. We are happy to answer any questions.